Locked out of your car? Here’s what you need to do:

Assess The Situation

Where is your car?

Is it in a safe space? Getting locked out of your car is one thing. Losing it is another thing entirely.

If your car is in a safe place then you can focus unlocking it. However, if your car is parked in a public place then you must take steps to secure it. This could mean anything from keeping your car in sight while you call a car locksmith, to calling the police if you believe it is about to be stolen.

Calling the police may seem drastic, but if you’re afraid for your vehicle or yourself, then do not hesitate to do so.

Where Are Your Keys?

Inside Your Car

This can be frustrating, but it also means that your vehicle is mainly safe, as nobody else has the keys to your car.

Call a car locksmith and stay with your vehicle until they arrive.

Outside Your Car

If you’ve lost your keys and your car is in a public place, you will need to have it towed. Remain with your vehicle and call the police if you see someone trying to access your car.

When it is in a safe place, you then need to call a car locksmith to have your car locks changed and have a new key cut. Even if you think your keys are lost and not stolen, it is better to be safe.

You Have Your Keys, But Can’t Get Inside Your Car

If your car lock is jammed, or the key has snapped off in the lock, don’t panic. Call a car locksmith to have the car opened and the lock fixed.

Call A Car Locksmith

A car locksmith will help you regain access to your vehicle. They can:

Whatever your need, make sure that you have a valid photo ID, such as a driver’s licence, when calling on a car locksmith. They need to be able to verify that you own the vehicle they’ve been called to unlock. Without ID, you will likely be refused service.

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