Looking for replacement car keys? Losing the keys to your vehicle can be a pain. It can be tricky to know who to go to when you’ve lost your set. Here at TGB Autokeys, we can help you. Whether you’ve misplaced them or dropped them down a drain, you’ll want to know how to get new keys.

car door lock being repaired

Do I Need To Go To The Dealership?

Your first thought might be that you need to take a visit to your car dealer. Although this is possible and will get you replacement car keys, it isn’t necessarily the best option. If you go to the dealership, it may be quite costly. It may also take a long time for them to send for a blank set and then program them. If you’re in a hurry, going to the dealership shouldn’t be your first choice.

Call An Auto Locksmith

The best thing to do in this situation is to get in touch with a vehicle locksmith. They can quickly and efficiently get you replacement car keys and have you back on the road in no time. It is, after all, their primary job and it will be done to a high standard.

Whatever keys you need, TGB Autokeys can help. We offer cutting and programming, so your new set works the same as the originals. We offer these services for:

Moreover, locksmiths like TGB Autokeys can come to you. We provide a fully mobile service for when you’re stuck. Whether you’re by the roadside or on holiday, our highly equipped van can get you your replacement car keys quicker than a dealership.

Get In Touch With Us Today For Replacement Car Keys

Call TGB Autokeys today if you need our services. Our friendly and skilled team can help when disaster strikes, so you can get back driving in no time.